Monday, January 30, 2017

Brute Force 24-30 Firewood Processor Has Several New Features

The Brute Force 24-30 now comes standard with several new features, including a 59 HP Kubota turbo diesel engine.

In addition to this new power plant, the 24-30 features a 2-stage pump as standard equipment.  The 2-stage pump gives this firewood processor the best of both worlds, power and speed.  Combine the 2-stage pump with the 5" cylinder and our fast split system (also standard equipment) and this machine is not only extremely powerful, but it's also blazing fast.

Another standard feature on this processor is the hydraulic log support.  Whether you're using it to support the last cut on a log, or just to ensure those big rounds drop correctly into the splitting chamber, the hydraulic log support is a great safety feature that helps keep your hands away from the chain saw.

For more information on the new log support, check out the videos at the bottom of the 24-30 Firewood Processor page.

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